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Put a new spring on the motorhome, does anybody know the torque on the U-bolts on a low-air leaf suspension? I forgot to ask the service dept. at Pete dealership before they closed. Some bolt manufacturers on the web state 500-700 on 7/8 bolts and over 1000 on 1 inch bolts. These U-bolts are 15/16 on the shank and 1- inch on the thread. Thanks.
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Adding a leaf to your truck's leaf springs is a popular, easy, and inexpensive way to achieve a 1.5 - 3" lift in the rear and add 900 or more pounds of towing capacity to your truck. Add-a-leaf kits generally cost between $75 and $250 depending on the exact model of your truck, and take one to two hours to install. Figure 1. Typical leaf spring.
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CLEAN CUTT-OFF, AIRLINER SUSPENSION, HUB PILOT HUBS, DRUM BRAKES. Fits To Make: FREIGHTLINER: Fits To Model: CASCADIA: Fits To Year: 2012: ... RATIO 3.70, PETE LOW AIR-LEAF HOUSING. Fits To Make: PETERBILT: Fits To Model: 379: Fits To Year: 2002: Location: Jasper, Alabama, US : Stock Number: ... Peterbilt Air Trac Cutoff for a 1998 Peterbilt ...
If this is greater than 2.5”, a bump stop should be used to avoid overstressing the leaf springs. If it is less than 1.5”, full suspension movement may be limited and result in damage to the frame and/or axle(s) when operating on rough or uneven road surfaces. Peterbilt - Air Leaf Single/Tandem Axles Rear Air Suspension: Key: Part Number: Description: No. Req: OEM Reference: Remarks: 1: 338-1223: Hanger: 2: 01-44585M001, 01 ... On leaf sprung axles, pinion angle can be adjusted by adding tapered shims between the semi-elliptic springs and the mounts on the axle housing. Six degrees is about the most angle you want to run with a wedge. Beyond that, the spring perches should be cut off and replacement perches re-welded to the correct angle.
Air to Coil Conversion Bushings Coil Springs - HD Hangers Leaf Springs OEM Air Suspension Shackles U-Bolts. Lift & Leveling. ... + 22% OFF SALE Sale Price: $351.47. Chevy Express 1500 2008, Rear Leaf Spring Bump Stop by Dorman®. Quantity: 1 per Pack. Dorman's Leaf Spring Bumpers are constructed of quality materials to protect the vehicle's leaf spring from damage and to maintain proper suspension... 11.) Locate the lower swing arm for the air suspension. Use the 5/8 x 6” bolts and one flat washer to fasten the swing arm into the upper air bag mounts. The bolts need to be installed from the outside in. Leave the bolt in place for now and use a 5/8: washer to shim it if there is larger than a 3/8” gap present on one side of the bushing. The Original since 1998, Sky's Toyota rear 63" Chevy spring swap kit can save you hours of fabrication time. It is designed to use the 2.5” wide domestic spring (3” over all with bushings) 63” Chevy spring found in 1988-2010+ GMC/Chevy trucks. This kit can be used to hang other similar springs. Ford Ranger and F150 spr
NOTE: In the OFF position, fuel is cut off by a solenoid. valve located on the left side of the engine, near the ejection pump. ACC (Accessory): With the key in this position you can play. the radio, defrost mirrors (if equipped with mirror heat) or use. other accessories. – 32 – PB1318 3/01 Model 330 Usernames and passwords are case sensitive; Passwords must be at least 8 characters. Passwords must have at least one non letter or digit character.
MPB75728 Peterbilt Air Leaf Spring Hanger, OEM# 03-07328M001. Code: 052-MPB75728 . $299.75MAck CRD 93 tandem cutoff ratio: 4.17, IIKH 5444P3X, CRH 5519, Hendrickson suspension. Call us...
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