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< /mat-toolbar-row > Once this is done, run ng serve in the command line and access http:localhost:4200 in the browser. The application should display the below page:
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@johanchouquet, your last suggestion realy works to keep the toolbar on top, always visible.The only problem is that it is under my sidenav, and the mais page content. See on the print, if I remove your class, 'fixed-header', it looks ok, but not with fixed toolbar.
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When I open the sidenav using a button (like a hamburger menu not shown in the code above), I want the sidenav to be below the toolbar and to the left. I tried setting the position to fixed for both the navbar and the toolbar and I don't get the desired result. When I set the position to fixed for the toolbar it disappears!! Finally, mat-card-image stretches the image to the container width. Search bar and photo gallery with a "card layout" The search form is non-functional, it can be explained in an other article.
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